boogiefighter children's super hero story

The Mis-Adventures of an Unlikely Super Hero


Prologue:  FlashBack

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There comes from a mystical planet, in a galaxy far away
A man with special powers who's kept them secret ‘til today
He hides behind dark glasses so people don’t know who he is
You have to hide your identity in the super hero biz
With a glide in his stride, he moonwalks to the groove
Compelled by 80’s music which forces him to move
His clothes are slick and shiny and really sort of groovy
They’re flashy, trendy and hip, like from a disco movie
It’s not super strength he has or a constitution made of steel
Xray vision, lightning speed and teleporting are not his deal
He’s a master of break dancing and fluent in martial arts
He’s a kung fu expert when set to music and a millionaire in smarts
With the flick of his hat and a flash of his glove
He transforms from the alter ego into the hero we love

As the magic mirror ball turns alerting him to a crime
He’s got to act quickly before he runs out of time
Then a flash at his feet and a kick to the beat
The bad guys run for cover ‘cause they can’t take the heat
As enemies oppose him and resist with all their might
They’re simply no match for the king of the Boogie Fight.
Chapter 1 – Sold Out
'Twas the night before the big event, the eve before the show

Tickets were scarce and hard to get ‘cause everyone wanted to go
Throughout the city the radio blared the hype for all to hear
This will be by far and away the best show of the year
From the speaker the DJ proclaims “Call now & win tickets for two”
“One winner tonight just might be you if you’re lucky enough to get through”
“Congratulations! You’re the third caller. Our winner for today”
“You and a guest are off to the show on us and don’t have to pay”
“Please stay on the line and tell me your name so the tickets can be held.”
“My name is Denny but friends call me Disco. YIPPEE!!!! I won!!” he yelled.

The station was empty except for a man who was waiting for the train
Lightning flashed and thunder crashed as it started to pour down rain
A tipster informed that on this train was a celebrity VIP
The source was a flake who was prone to mistakes and when challenged would say “Why don’t you listen to me?”
“This had better be true, or you know what I’ll do” he said sounding a lot like a thug
Big media czars dealing snapshots of stars tempted the young shutterbug
The mist from the rain was a really big pain and he started to get annoyed
He needed just one picture from the soaking wet camera to sell to the highest-bidding tabloid
Flights often sell out and the traffic is bad. People often travel by rail
Exiting passengers walk by this spot… it’s a Paparazzi’s holy grail
Then just as he focused and was ready to rock
A flash of lightning struck and gave him a shock
He slumped down dejected as it became clear
The camera was dead just as the crowd came near
As he sat there moping he heard a voice say: “Down on your luck? Looks like you could use some.”
“Here’s a ticket to our concert tomorrow. You should come.”
They help him up and ask him “what’s your name?”
“Thanks for the ticket”, he said, “they call me Freeze Frame.”
Chapter 2 – Big Shot

The line wrapped around the building. This was the place to be.

The show will start at 7 blinks the colorful neon marquee.
One hour to go ‘til the sold out show and everyone wanted to know
With this line so long, barely moving along, will they play my favorite song?
Denny glanced at the ticket held in his hand
Front row seats were waiting, he could almost touch the band
With a whisper in his ear, Denny turned to hear
An official looking young man say “he’s sick you see, please come with me, we need your help urgently.”
“The frontman is ill and you look like him, can you sing and dance?”
“You just have to shuffle around and lip synch. This could be your big chance.”
Freeze Frame was in line too and overheard the man
A smirky grin appeared as he began to plot a plan.
If he could get a photo, the story could be his big break
“Man plucked from the crowd fills in. The crooner was fake.”
“the show must go on” the manager was heard to shout
This is our man Denny who’s here to help us out
He can fit in his clothes and carry a tune. He can do the macarena which is dandy
He’s an idol wanna-be who can sing karaoke and the look-a-like thing comes in handy

Put on these shades and this wig will be good to
You’ve got to wear this get-up so people won’t know it’s you
The crowd was getting anxious as the fog machine filled the air
The eager anticipation was almost too much to bare
The band began to play and the volume was turned up loud
As the mirror ball spun rays of light across frenzied crowd
Fireworks blasted as the spot light shined in his face
Denny struck a pose while all the dancers took their place
Then he looked out to the crowd; it was really quite a sight
Feeling overwhelmed he knew now what they meant by stage fright
He was sweating as he glanced stage left where the manager issued his queue
“you can do it Denny. it’s all up to you”
Denny cleared his throat as his first note was way off key.
“oh my gosh. This is terrible. There’s a million places I’d rather be”
The usher said to Freeze Frame, “follow me, it’s your lucky night”
“An open seat down front is yours if you want, and I thought you might”
Freeze Frame took the front row seat just minutes before the show
One good photo could make him famous, his name the whole world would know
Denny stood before him, as Freeze Frame prepared to take the shot
The shutter clicked and he looked at the screen to see what kind of photo he got
Over exposed, you couldn’t see a thing
And then all of a sudden, Denny REALLY started to SING!
He knew all the words of course, song after song after song
The lyrics would just pop in his head as the band just played along
The crowd went wild as he danced and sang as well as anyone can
He looked down front as security was hauling off a camera toting, deranged fan.
“He’s a fake. Please just a few more photos. They’re worth their weight in gold.”
Didn’t you see the sign said the guard “no flash photography” and you were told.
He fought and he struggled and he screamed to no avail
Freeze Frame looked back as the door slammed shut. There would be no photos for sale.
Denny waved and bowed as the lights began to dim
The audience clapped and cheered. Tonight their ovations were all for him.
As he walked off stage the manager said smiling “they want an encore”
“Get on out there Denny and give ‘em one more”
He walked out as confident as ever and belted out another tune
When it was over he spoke to the crowd, “thanks a bunch and we’ll see you real soon”
Chapter 3 – The Real Deal
As he sat there reflecting on the events of the previous day
He was wondering what had happened to him when the band began to play
He was faster and stronger during the concert than he’d ever been
He may have felt that way before but he couldn’t remember when
He went to put on some music, a randomly selected cd
Then he felt it again, a renewed boost of energy
He could sing and kick and spin like a top
He was a mixed martial dance artist until the music would stop
It was almost surely and definitely,
something to do with the music, perhaps the harmony
"Maybe there’s a talent I could harness to do good deeds
I could help damsels in distress or those with special needs"
He wondered if the power was portable so he thought he’d see
He plugged in his music player to charge the battery
He put on his earphones and then he clicked play
He never knew he had this special talent ‘til today.
And thus began Disco Denny’s relentless fight against crime
He would bring bad people to justice and force them to do hard time
But first things first and every super hero needs a name
He settled on “BoogieFighter” even though at first he thought it sounded lame
Then second things second and he needed an outfit
Off to the thrift store where more bang for his buck he’d get.
Dark glasses and a fedora and maybe a wig or not
He was trying on all of the clothes and was starting to get hot
So he went up to the checkout where he made an impulse buy
A mirror ball on a keychain had sparkled and caught his eye

FreezeFrame was in a huff
And he was going to have to get tough
If he was going to get the money shot
He was going to have to give it all he’s got.
“Flash” he yelled, that’s the name of his cat
“we have to see where the action is ‘cause that’s where we’ll need to be at”
He turned on the news to hear the entertainment critic rave
The concert put on last night was the best and his new fave
Then he heard for the first time his arch enemy’s ID
“The lead singer last night was a sub named Disco Denny”
“They didn’t miss a beat” the critic went on to say
Freeze Frame frowned and shook his head… “I’m gonna get that guy Denny. I’m gonna make him pay.”

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